Friday, 14 November 2008

silk making in Budapest: 14.11.ő8

a written response...
re-inventing the making of the memory of moths for Mamu Gallery, Budapest (2008)

A fruit box 
2ö thimbles
white thread
small slithers of paper
box and knots of thread hang close to the base of the fruit box, the nutshell for the projector and DVD player
small dark light illuminates the white wall, within it a moth moves and shakes and rattles
a nail and a thimble mark the point where the celestial light is absent
from there on the thimbles mark the points to climb the white wall, up and across 
over onto the brick red wall and still ascending, leading up towards the 
light (low)
labels buddy thimbles.

The labels are repetitions
words repeating and climbing to a crescendo
a scream
to the top of somewhere nowhere anywhere
something to me
climbing words mark the arc of the light
a heavenly light this zenith
marking the brick to the ticking of the wings flicking fast and furious towards the ground
earth bound in thread
pinned but not yet dead.

Read - 
the measurement of the altitude or azimuth of a heavenly body for navigational purposes.
a passage of navigation
to navigate the measurement of a celestial body
the measurement of the attitude of the of the heavenly body
the measurement of the altitude of the heavenly body
the measurement of a heavenly body 
the measurement 
the body heaven
the heavenly
the body...
such altitude to navigate a passage to you.

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Karen Kinoshita said...

I love the intimacy of this.